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12/09/07 ~ Merci and Brooke pick up two Champion wins, 1 BOB and 1 Group 4 in Courtland, VA. This was their second weekend in the UKC conformation ring. Merci also debuted in the weight pull ring with two qualifying pulls which gave her two Total Dog Awards. Congrats to Merci and Brooke on their wins!
12/08/07 ~ Merci and owner Brooke of Passion Rock Kennels pick up two more BF wins in Cortland, VA making her Cicero's newest UKC Champion. Merci and Brooke also obtained a Total Dog award!
*UPDATE*  Last month Maya and Ellie finished Maya's UWP title and began working towards her next weight pull title
10/28/07 ~ Havoc (Cicero's The Big Show) won WD & BOW for a 3 pt major out of the Bred By class in Marietta, GA.
10/27/07 ~ Nu-Nu (Cicero's Rocks The Nu-Nu) picks up a WD & BOW for a 3 pt major out of the puppy classes in Marietta, GA.
10/25/07 ~ Shyne (Cicero's Time To Shyne) wins her first two points and BOS in Marietta, GA. Nu-Nu (Cicero's Rocks the Nu-Nu) wins Reserve to a 4 pt major.
10/21/07 ~ Havoc (Cicero's The Big Show) wins 1 pt in Albany, GA.
10/13-14/07 ~ Maya and Ellie have another fabulous weekend!!! Maya picked up several more BOB and Group placements at the UKC show in CT. She also started her weight pull career with two qualifying pulls (out of two pulls) placing above the males also giving her two Total Dog awards! Watch for more updates as Maya and Ellie are just getting started!
09/22/07 ~ Nu-Nu wins RWD to a 4 pt major in Atlanta, GA
09/21/07 ~ Westly finishes his Championship by winning his fourth major in Atlanta, GA.
09/20/07 ~ Westly picks up his third major (WD/BOW) at the Atlanta Terrier Specialty.
                  Cicero's Rocks The Nu-Nu wins RWD at his first show, the Atlanta Terrier Specialty!
09/15/07 ~ Nick handles Violet to 2 pts in East Ridge, TN
08/24-26/07 ~ Nick handles Violet to 3 WB & BOS wins in Atlanta, GA.
07/27/07 ~ Nick handles Westley to WD & BOW in Greenville, SC for his second major (4 pts).
Since our last update Ellie also got Maya's TT title on her!
06/30/07 ~ Ellie handles Maya to two UKC BOB's and a Group 3 and Group 1 in New Jersey!
06/22/07 ~ Nick handles Westley to a Winners Dog win (4 pt mjr) at the Virginia Terrier Specialty. Westley, Meadowbrooks Western Sky, is bred and owned by Meadowbrook Kennel.
05/20/07 ~ Ellie handles Maya to her UKC Grand Championship
                 Tut picks up his third UKC major in Perry, GA
05/19/07 ~ Ellie handles Maya to her Rally title
05/10/07 ~ Havoc wins WD and BOW for his first major. He is now up to 5 pts at just 6 months old!
05/06/07 ~ Havoc wins Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed!
05/05/07 ~ Havoc (Cicero's The Big Show) takes his first point at just 6 months and 6 days old out of the Bred By class and is awarded Best Male, Best Opposite Sex and Best Bred By Exhibitor. Not to bad for his second time in the ring!
                Storytime's Violets Are Blue, Violet, wins Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed. Violet was bred / is owned by Storytime Kennel and Handled by Nick.
04/29/07 ~ Maya and Ellie win two CH classes including 1 BOB and a Group 1 at the UKC shows in CT.
04/28/07 ~ Maya (AKC pt'd/UKC CH Cicero's Angel Face) gets her second CH class win in CT. As always, Maya was handled by her co-owner Ellie.
04/08/07 ~ Syria (Cicero's Keep On Talking) wins BBBE in Charlotte, NC
03/31/07 ~ Nick and Violet (Storytime's Violets are Blue) take WB and BOS for two points in Newnan, GA. Violet was bred and is owned by Storytime Kennel in VA.
               Rambo gets RWD in Palmetto, FL owner/handled by Ron Cobb.
02/17/07 ~ Tut picks up his second UKC mjr his second time in the ring.
                Ellie and Maya pick up Maya's first leg towards her Rally title.
02/03/07 ~ Cicero AmStaffs has two new cardiac clear dogs (cleared by a cardiologist)!
01/15/07 ~ Maya picks up the first leg of her GRCH title her first time ever in the CH class. Maya was handled by her owner, Ellie
01/07/07 ~ Frankenstein gets another Reserve CH win and Tut takes a BM at his first and only show
01/06/07 ~ Frankenstein gets the first leg towards his GRCH
01/05/07 ~ Frankenstein gets a Reserve CH win at the UKC show in New Kent, VA
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
We will see you in the show ring starting early in 2007
Check our site for frequent updates, we are very excited about the upcoming year

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